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Lapwing In Flight’ work in progress. Earth Energy Art

Hello and welcome to Earth Energy Art. Since my last post i’ve been a busy bee trading around Norfolk and having a lovely time. Sandringham was fun as always and i have gotten quite used to camping in my car!

Sandringham set up. Earth Energy Art

In my last blog I had two paintings in progress on my easel which, I am pleased to say are now finished. They should be ready to varnish and frame in the next week or so. Framed prints will be available in my online shop very soon so please keep an eye out for them. Or you can always contact me to pre reserve one.

‘Sanderling’ Oil on canvas board 26x26cm. Earth Energy Art
‘Curlew In Flight’ Oil on canvas board 30x30cm. Earth Energy Art

On my easel today is an almost finished Lapwing in flight. It’s another oil painting for my ’Norfolk Coastal Birds’ series. I am really enjoying the spring weather, to get outside and explore local nature reserves is definitely good for my body and mind. I have a very rare weekend off this week so i will definitely be spending it enjoying nature.

‘Lapwing In Flight’ – work in progressEarth Energy Art.

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